Holidays no longer bug new pest control technician

Last Christmas was the first time that Friendly Pest Control technician Cody Vold has been afforded the time to wake up with his kids on Christmas morning.
“I worked at my old job as a banquet chef for 11 years with Chris (another Friendly Pest Control technician) in a casino. I was looking for a change and Friendly provided a way out. When you work in that industry, there are no such things as holidays. My favorite thing about following Chris Gould from my old job to Friendly Pest Control is the holidays. This last Christmas was my first Christmas waking up with my kids. I used to have to be at the casino at 4 a.m. Working every holiday was mandatory,” he said.

The hardworking dad of three kids (3, 13, and 15-year-olds) now gets to spend more time doing what he loves and spending time with the people he loves while doing a job he loves.

Vold was born in Phoenix but moved to Pennsylvania while growing up when his family relocated. Later in life, Vold’s family started moving back to the community they love and prefer. Vold took the opportunity to come back home.
Growing up, Cody’s dad was his biggest influence. It wasn’t lost on him how hard his dad worked to provide for his large family.

“My dad is my biggest mentor. He just worked and was always working and it provided us with everything we needed. I had six brothers and sisters. I was the dead center middle child. I just kept quiet and snuck through the cracks,” Vold explained. Although Vold was a quiet and shy kid, that didn’t keep him from developing a love of the outdoors as he went hunting or fishing anytime he could. People referred to him as a good kid who didn’t cause trouble.

Cody Vold

Pest Control Technician

Vold’s hobbies have remained constant when he isn’t at work. He can usually be found spending free time with his kids hiking, camping, shooting or just being outdoors in nature.
His favorite part of working as a pest control technician for Friendly Pest Control is meeting new people and talking to people every day.
“I like getting to know people. Some of our customers have the best stories and unique backgrounds. It makes the job fun and interesting every day. You never know from day-to-day who you will meet,” Vold said. “Honestly, the people are what makes a job like this so much fun. There are a lot of customers with unique backgrounds. I get caught up BSing with people. I love meeting new people. It is definitely more of a relationship than I thought Pest Control would ever be,” he said
Vold claims that his very least favorite part of the job is the heights.

“I hate anything with a ladder more than 30 feet. I lose my nerve real quick. I am terrified of heights. I watch the other guys on the ladders leaning and reaching over and I am having mini heart attacks being scared for them,” he said with a chuckle.

Currently, Friendly Pest Control has two licensed and certified technicians qualified to deal with termites. According to Vold, his next professional goal is to get termite certified and build out his routes of clients more.

Vold’s personal goals revolve around an e-commerce business he and his wife started on eBay.

“My wife and I have this business and we have some projected numbers we would like to hit,” Gould said.

All in all, even though Vold has been with the company for almost two years, he says that every day he finds a new challenge and loves learning new aspects of the job. He credits his boss, Matt Abney, the owner of Friendly Pest Control with mentorship and opportunity.

For more information about Friendly Pest Control services, products or personnel, call Friendly Pest Control at (928) 363-4232

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