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Friendly Pest Control has a Pollinator Protection Program - All of our technicians are specifically trained to be aware of potential pollinator habitat and protect them as much as possible. For example our technicians know to avoid ANY plants, shrubs or even weeds that may be in bloom as pollinators use them as a food source. Even in the summer months when pollinators may use tree or plant resins in between bloom cycles our technicians are trained to be aware of these areas as well.

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Swarms – In spring and fall it’s common to see bee “swarms”. A “ball” of bees may land on a tree, car, fence, under an eave of a house etc. They are looking for a new home. Often they will move on in a day or two. It’s typically best to leave them alone.
If you’re concerned about a swarm on your property we have a network of local beekeepers we can connect you with who may be able to remove the swarm for you.
Hives – Sometimes swarms make nests in the cavity of walls, water boxes, hollow tree limbs/trunks etc. Due to safety concerns sometimes these hives need to be eliminated. We’d be happy to help with these cases.
Live Removal – Live removal of beehives requires skill, experience and often an understanding of basic carpentry in order to open walls etc in such a way that it can be repaired. Friendly Pest Control does NOT offer live removal.
In some instances we may be able to refer someone who can help with live removals. Please call/text our office at 928-363-4232 to see if this option is available to you.

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