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Did you know?

Did you know?

Friendly is one of the few Pest Control Services in the area that offers a thorough program to rid your home of rodents without poison by using traps and other deterrent devices.
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One of the challenges of living in the forest is the constant pressure from rodents in the surrounding area. They continually move into neighborhoods and see your home as another resource they can exploit to survive.
Homes provide several things rodents need: food, shelter, nesting material and protection from predators. Everything is constantly trying to kill rodents, coyotes, raccoons, hawks, owls, cats, dogs and the list goes on.
This is one reason why rodents are experts at moving unseen into attics and crawl spaces to avoid detection and establish nesting sites. Insulation provides nesting material and the dark environment makes them feel safe and protected.
BBQs are another area rodents like to live, especially built in BBQs and BBQs with covers. The smell and grease drippings attract them and the dark covered area makes them feel safe.
Patio furniture with covers is another area they frequently hide under.
Rodents getting access to areas where you cook or where air ducting is present can be a health concern due to their ability to carry and transmit disease. Since rodents constantly chew, access to areas where wiring is present is also concerning due to the possibility of fire if they chew wires.
We have multiple options at different price points depending on the current level of activity or damage. We typically begin with a thorough assessment of the property focusing on conditions conducive to rodent activity, access points, damage and evidence of current rodent activity.
After a thorough assessment we provide multiple options to help you find something appropriate to the level of activity and your budget.
To schedule an assessment call or text our office at 928-363-4232

Friendly goes the extra mile for clients. Each call by a pest control technician is backed up with videos of each service call showing customers the exact trouble spots, what to look for, and an in-depth account of what services are provided. From these videos or one-on-one interactions with technicians, customers can have a feeling of complete control over their home without the guilt of potentially causing harm to the surrounding environment.

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