Odorous House Ants, Carpenter Ants, and Harvester Ants are very common in Central Arizona.

Odorous House Ants – It’s very common to see small black ants inside the home. Sometimes a fine sawdust is found in close proximity to these ants. Often misidentified as small “carpenter ants”, these are usually 
Odorous House Ants. They have a very distinct scent to them.

Often entering homes during a rainy period, they can be persistent. Kitchens and baths are common areas where they are seen.

They can live in wall voids, on trees, under mulch in yards, etc.

Carpenter Ants – Carpenter Ants can live inside homes and on the surrounding  property. Often a main colony will be found on or near the property and a satellite colony will be established in the walls of the home. It’s important that both colonies are treated to ensure the best level of control. Spot treating only the ants inside the wall can lead to recurrence over time.

Harvester Ants – Harvester Ants are typically large red ants (although they can range to almost black in color in desert areas) and feed on seeds. Sometimes found foraging for bird seed split on the ground. They form large mounds and dig deep underground establishing their colonies. They do not establish inside homes and nest are found in yards. Our technicians are trained to address the ants commonly found in our area. If you need help call or text our office at 928-363-4232.

Did you know?

Home remedies like pouring boiling water on mounds only agitate colonies and in some cases can cause them to seek shelter indoors. Some gardeners and homeowners who maintain their own lawns, attempt to spread poison that can harm other animals.

Did you know?

That’s why when a customer calls with an ant infestation in or outside their home, Friendly is quick to respond with all the cavalry necessary to turn the tides and win the war.
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