Wasps & Yellow Jackets

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Yellow Jackets, sometimes called “Meat Bees” can be very aggressive. When mowing the yard or using a weedeater people are often attacked. Yellow Jackets can sting repeatedly. Yellow Jackets tend to nest in the ground, water boxes, around roots of trees/shrubs and in retaining walls. We can typically eliminate the nest with one treatment. Occasionally a follow up treatment is required.

Paper wasps tend to make a “paper” nest under eaves of roofs. Allow they can sting and will if threatened they aren’t as aggressive as Yellow Jackets.

Mud Daubers, a non aggressive wasp that makes nests out of mud feed primarily on spiders that they paralyze with their sting. They stuff the parylzed spiders in chambers providing a food source for their young when they hatch.

Some wasps can be beneficial pollinators.

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