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There is no one way to get rid of all different types of ants.
There are so many variations and combinations of ant species that we deal with on a regular basis, according to Christopher Jeffrey Gould, a pest control technician who has lived in Payson for 25 years and has been with Friendly Pest Control for three years.

According to Arizona wildlife officials, There are nearly 1,000 species of ants in the United States. They are also master builders and foragers with skills in building large colonies and finding food inside your home.

Ants don’t have to be destructive to be an ongoing nuisance and concern. Not only are they a nuisance, but it can also be downright embarrassing to have an ant problem.

To take care of these pests, technicians with Friendly Pest Control have a special service called the ant treatment program. Although the name sounds kinda like a spa for antennae-adorned twerps, it really is an aggressive program to repel all types of hungry invaders. Twice a year, technicians treat the entire perimeter of a home with Taurace, which is a very effective treatment to deter most species of ants. 

Then technicians go into the attics and crawl spaces with another anti-ant agent (say that three times fast) called Semexa to treat carpenter ants. Carpenter ants aren’t as destructive as termites, but they hold their own in regards to tearing a place up.

The third step for Friendly Pest Control personnel is to scour yards and bait individual red ant mounds with a granular bait called Niband.

Then, as a final crushing blow to the Army of would-be invaders, technicians treat tree ants with Domin-Ant sugar baits.

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“Tree ants’ only concern in life is sap and sugar. It is like crack. It gives them a high and then kills them. They basically eat themselves to death. They are so proud of their find, they give it to their queen and once she dies, the population begins to dwindle rapidly,” explained Gould.

Sometimes a property will have a mound called a “Mega Colony” where you find five-foot mounds. Recently, Gould went to battle with one of these giant ant hills that took an entire summer to eradicate. Gould, dedicated to his task, ended up throwing everything he had in his arsenal at the Mega Colony and finally got it at the end.

If you open the sugar jar one morning for your morning coffee and find that ants are using your home as an Airbnb, then don’t hesitate to call Friendly Pest Control to have the unwanted vacationers booted. 

For more information about Friendly Pest Control services, products or personnel, call Friendly Pest Control at (928) 363-4232

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