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Annually, termites cause an estimated $7 billion in damage to homes and businesses in the U.S. Typically, a homeowner will be on the hook to spend roughly $8,000 on average to repair damage by termites and rid your home of these destructive insects.

Arizona is home to subterranean termites. According to the Arizona Department of Agriculture, the subterranean termite can severely damage structural timbers in homes, buildings, utility poles, and other structures built with cellulose materials

Many unsuspecting homeowners have termites invading their home and they don’t even realize. Termites leave tell-tale signs of their intrusions.

5 Signs of a Termite Infestation

  1. Stuck Windows or Doors. Do you have a window or door that recently feels stuck, or suddenly became much harder to open or close?
  2. Damage under Paint or Wallpaper. Is your paint or wallpaper suddenly peeling or bubbling up?
  3. Termite Swarmers & Discarded Wings. Look closely in light fixtures and window sills. You will find discarded wings or carcasses of the ones who didn’t make it.
  4. Mud Tubes. These mud tubes can be found running up walls. If you break one open, you may find termite larva inside. If not, come back later to see if the tube has been repaired. Even if you didn’t find live termites or the mud hasn’t been repaired, it doesn’t mean they aren’t in your home. They may have just moved to another section for a different buffet.
  5. Termite Droppings. Little piles in corners and window sills are good indicators of termites. This is simply the refuse of a termite’s digested meal..yep…termite poop. Many explain this as looking like tiny wood pellets or sawdust. 
Termite infested log

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Friendly Pest Control Technicians typically find either damp wood or dry wood termites in Arizona homes. Once the technician sees the signs of droppings or pellets, they drill into infected wood structures and inject a lethal foam called I-Strike into a wall void for a quick fix solution.

“That usually handles it. We follow up with a full treatment around the home where we dig a trench and treat the soil with a substance called Semexa around the home to stop future attacks. It’s like a moat of protection around a castle,” said Christoper Jeffrey Gould, a Friendly Pest Control Technician, who has lived in the Payson, Ariz. area for 25 years.  

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